Brianna Graham
Women: Alice Walker

1. What images from this poem stand out in your mind?

The images from this poem that stand out in my mind are that the woman
knew everything, and were very talented and powerful at what they do. They
did pretty much anything you could ask for.

2. What do you think Walker admires most about her mother’s generation? Cite
evidence from the poem to support your opinion.

I think that walker admires the fact that they were very strong, admirable
women. “How they battered down doors, and ironed starched white shirts.”

3. Why do you think the mothers are described as “headragged Generals” crossing “mined fields” and “booby-trapped kitchens?”

I think this because they always wore rags on their head for the sweat because
they worked so hard like Generals. They mined fields and never let people
steal their food.

4. Point out words in the poem that you think have strong connotations or most
effectively express Walker’s meaning. Explain your choices.

Some words that most effectively express Walker’s meaning are: Stout, led,
and headragged general. This is because these words are the most effective and
meaningful. They have a very broad meaning to them when describing her